LCATS Funding

Consolidated Planning Funds (CPG)

80/10/10 split, used to pay staff, overhead, studies, equipment, etc.

Surface Transportation Program (STP)

Max 80% federal, broad range of transportation needs is eligible, very flexible. LCATS is allocated approximately 1 million per year

Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ)

Max 80% federal, must be used for reducing congestion and improving air quality, frequently used for intersection improvements and transit vehicle purchases. LCATS is allocated approximately $800,000 per year.

Other Funding

Transportation Enhancement (TE)

The Transportation Enhancement Program provides funds for projects that improves the cultural, historic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of transportation infrastructure

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

SRTS funding is provided by ODOT to help develop School Travel Plans

Safety Funds

Safety Funds are used in high crash locations to help improve the safety of Ohio's roadways

Municipal Bridge Funds

The Municipal Bridge Program provides federal funds for bridge replacement or bridge rehabilitation projects


ODOT Office of Transit advocates personal mobility by supporting, coordinating and funding Public Transportation

E&D Fare Assistance
New Freedom

ODOT's Program Resource Guide

Current Opportunities

Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant

This program  is available for all public diesel engine fleets and private diesel engine fleets (with public sponsor) that have at least 20% matching funds and who are committed to operating their updated equipment in Ohio non-attainment-and-maintenance counties at least 65% of the time.